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From Ashes Into Light

From Ashes Into Light by Gudrun Mouw is a very moving story of hardship, inspiration, family, etc. told by three different people in three different times. You will meet Ruth, Saqapaya and Friede. The times and perils they go through involve war and the situations each of them find themselves in and how they cope and live through it all. Ruth is ...

From Dark to Light

“From Dark to Light,” by Isabella Murphy is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about the life of a pumpkin.  The book chronicles a delightful tale of the life of a boy pumpkin named, “Pumpker.”. It takes young readers on a fascinating journey, through Pumpker’s life starting with his very beginning ...

From Timna to Mars

From Timna to Mars by Avraham Y. Anouchi is a thriller that involves the USA, Russia, Israel, China, NASA, CIA, FBI, KGB-SVR. The relationships of all these factions creates and amplifies the complexity of the endeavors to find rare elements on Mars. The book spans 1987 to 2014 and keeps you hooked every step of the way. From Timna to Mars encompasses ...

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