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Robyn Dabney is a fiction writer and freelance copyeditor with a copyediting certification from the University of California San Diego. Her passion for reading, writing, and exploring thrilling stories about unlikely heroes conquering evil started at a young age. Her favorite books span every genre, and she describes her work as having something for everyone - a sprinkle of suspense, a dash of adventure, and a lot of good versus evil. Robyn grew up running around the red rocks and ravines in the deserts of southern Utah - building forts, fighting battles, and living out the lives of all the characters she and her friends created. An avid lover of all things nature and the outdoors, Robyn attended Texas A&M University, where she majored in wildlife biology and natural resource management. She currently lives in Munich, Germany, and maintains a home base in Moab, Utah. When not lost in another dimension creating havoc for her characters and stories or editing other's writing projects, Robyn spends time talking science-fiction and fantasy as a co-host of the Tipsy Nerds Book Club podcast and playing in the great outdoors (usually on the face of a rock). She is represented professionally by agent Lizz Nagle with the Victress Literary Agency.

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