Max Sampson

About the author:

Max Sampson is the inspirational author of Stressed Out. His work provides guidance and advice to readers battling with stress and anxiety, aiming to equip them with the tools they need to recognize their triggers and manage their symptoms so that they can take life with both hands. Max's professional life is focused on sound production and recording. He is a former contributing editor of a well-known pop culture magazine, and currently holds the position of CEO at an influential production company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Although his audio career may seem at odds with his writing career, Max's expertise in mental health comes from his life experience and the connections he's made along the way. Max has personally overcome every challenge he writes about, and regularly dispenses advice to friends, colleagues, and mentees. Witnessing how much this has helped them was the driving force behind his passion for writing, feeling compelled to share his knowledge and understanding with the wider world. He has experienced more than his fair share of struggle, navigating everything from substance abuse to toxic behavior and infidelity. His lowest point came when he lost his family, triggering immense difficulties with keeping his life on track. He is determined to share what he's learned with others in the hope that other people may avoid the same experience. Max is a divorced father of seven. He has four sons and three daughters and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He loves listening to music and spending time with his children.


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