Makida Arshi

About the author:

My name is Makida Arshi I am an author and a full-time nurse from Virginia. I am of Ethiopian descent and I live with my husband, Dr. Ismael Yussuf, and my three wonderful daughters Hira, Nina, and Ayah. I love to write, as it gives me thoughts and ideas an outlet, as well as helping me to help others with my reassuring energy. My main audience is young girls, whom I am passionate about convincing that they should grow up to be whoever they want to be. My main values of selflessness and kindness are ones I hold close to my heart. I have felt very strongly about helping people and making others happy ever since I was a child, which is why I knew that nursing was the profession for me. I have now been a nurse for over two decades, and it still brings me immense joy. I take great pride in being a mother and take the responsibility very seriously, using my life experiences in my storytelling to help children grow to be well-rounded, self-aware, confident adults. I take a great deal of my inspiration from women from all different walks of life. I have always struggled with the societal expectations of women. At certain points, I have had to make the choice between working, staying at home to look after my children . . . or both! In making those choices, I have often found that whichever one I made, there would always be some part of society that would have a problem with it. I hope to be instrumental in dismantling such expectations of women across the world. This is why I saw the need to write a book to encourage young readers, girls in particular, that it is OK to be what they choose to be as long as they are happy doing it, to embrace who they are and live their truth.

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