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About the Author: Born in Washington, DC, in October 1954, Jim Loveless grew up in suburban Maryland. As a boy, he was taken in by his father's experience in the United States Airforce during World War II. Learning as much as he could about the plane and the Airforce his dad flew in, friends of Jim's father were amazed at how much he knew about the B-17 bomber and the Eighth Airforce. Even though his career had been in electrical contracting, Jim loved writing. If something piqued his interest, he wrote about it. A friend once joked, "If I could steal anyone's laptop, it would be Jim's just so I could read all the adventures he's written about." Before his retirement, Jim's first real challenge as a writer came when he started writing a column about his dog in his dog club's newsletter. It was called "Brooks World" and was written as the dogs told their story. It was a big hit and led to his first published book and audiobook, "Big Paws, Bigger Heart, a Dogs Memoir." After fifty years as a third-generation Loveless in the electrical contracting business, Jim retired, ending a one-hundred-year family presence in the industry. Still, the one thing he never gave up on was his interest in his father's adventures during the war. Jim was very proud of what his father did and could spend countless hours talking about it to anyone willing to listen. He has done extensive research and has a wide-ranging library about the air war in Europe during World War II. Though people loved his work, a much bigger task lay ahead, writing his father's story, which he had wanted to do for what seemed to be forever. The day after he retired, work started in earnest, and two and a half years later, his labor of love was finally complete.


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