Daniel Thomas Valente

About the author:

Daniel Thomas Valente was born into a family whose sense of humor and love for learning was only exceeded by an unceasing amount of patience. Growing up in Canoga Park, California in the 1980s, he fell in love with all the quintessential pop culture of his time. As well versed in He-Man, Transformers, and Ghostbusters as he was with Mr. Belvedere and Saved by the Bell, he soon found an almost infinite realm of worlds within the books that sat dog-eared on his father's bookshelf. Avoiding college after graduating from Canoga Park High School in the year 2000, he attempted to become a rock star. As a drummer in a band most famous for their use of Twinkies, he soon laid his drumsticks down and picked up a pen. Hundreds of thousands of words later, The Sins of Kings was written. Daniel enjoys cheap beer, classic rock, and warm summers. He currently lives in Frazier Park, California with his exceedingly patient wife, two amazing daughters, a German Shepherd, and two cats. You can find him out in the garage working on his next masterpiece.

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