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Avraham Anouchi

About the author:

Bibliography Education Master of Engineering - Electronics Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Bachelor of Science - Electronic Engineering Indiana Institute of Technology, Fort Wayne, IN Professional and Scientific Society Memberships Institute of Electrical Engineers of America (IEEE) Instrument Society of America (ISE) – Former Member Society of Photo-Optical Instrument Engineers (SPIE) – Former Member Languages Fluent: English, Hebrew and French. Semi Fluent: Spanish Publications Books "The Legacy" - A memoir "Igeret Hamassoret" - A Memoir published in Hebrew "The Hidden Scroll" - An Historical novel with archeological adventure.” Non Technical Articles Enlish articles in various publications and newspapers Hebrew articles in the monthly “LAMISHPACHA” Technical Articles “Displacement Measurement System for Diesel Pumps and Injectors.” IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurements “Sonic Anemometer with No Moving Parts”. Symposium on Automation in Offshore Oil Field Operation in Norway. “Self-oriented Electromagnetic Ocean Current Meter”. Instruments Society of America Conference on Oceanographic Instrumentation “Ocean Current Measurements”. Instruments Society of America. “Amplification Factor of Junction Transistors”. Electronic Components Symposium, Washington, DC “Transistor Output Pairs”. Western Electronics Conference (WESCON) “Measuring Transistor Noise Figure”. Proceedings of the I.R.E. Patents “Time-Interval Rate Meter for Time Measuring Devices…”.US Patent No. 3811314 “Catalytic Gas Sensor.”US Patent No. 4447397UK Patent No. 8320765(A) “Catalytic Gas Detection Instrument.”US Patent No. 4541988. Professional Positions Former Chief Engineer - Environmental Division - E.G.&G. - Waltham, MA Former Vice President of Engineering - United Technologies Corporation -Instruments Division. President and Founder - AYA Instruments,

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